Wedding / Celebration Cheese Cakes

A unique way to celebrate your next event!

What is a Celebration Cheese Cake?

A Celebration Cake is wheels of cheese towered to resemble a classic wedding cake.  They can be used for any occasion (Wedding, Anniversary, Special Birthday, Special Event) and make a wonderful centerpiece.  The Cheese Tower is usually three to six cheeses in height and is customised to your requirements.

Our cheese experts can work with you to produce a unique cake for your special occasion.  

How to select the cheese for the Cheese Tower

  • Take time in choosing the cheese. Consider how it will look, the size and colour of each cheese.
  • Taste a range of cheeses, you want good flavoured quality cheeses that your guests will enjoy.
  • Our taster packs are a great way to try and compare cheeses before making the final decision.
  • Ensure you have a good balance and contrast of cheese types – hard, soft, blue, flavoured.
  • Our experts can guide you through this process.
Taster Pack

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How much cheese should you order?

Allow 80-100g per person.

When should you order your cheese?

While most of the cheeses are stock items, we recommend you order a few months in advance to ensure availability and that the cheese is at perfect ripeness on the day. 

How will the cheese be delivered?

The cheese is supplied unassembled and the decorations will not be included.  Each cheese will be individually wrapped/boxed. 

How is the Cheese Tower assembled?

The Cheese Tower can be assembled in two ways:

  1. Stack the cheeses on each other.  You can use a circle of greaseproof paper between each cheese.  Use three, four or five cheeses of different diameters for most impact.
  2. Separate the cheeses with stands, pillars etc.  Use glass separators, which can then be decorated, to add height and impact. 

What do you use to decorate the Cheese Tower?

  • Decorations should complement the general theme of the occasion, complementing flowers, bouquets and other table decorations in use.
  • Flowers, decorative ivy, fruits such as figs, grapes or berries, nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts or brazil nuts can all be used to decorate the Cheese Tower, along with figurines or other cake topper.
  • Lights, candles and ribbons can be coordinated to the colour scheme and theme of the occasion.
  • For a Wedding Celebration Cake, use flowers to match the wedding bouquet and scatter the heads of the flowers around the cake.
  • Utilise seasonal availability of fruit, flowers or foliage.
    • nuts and plums in Autumn or Winter
    • figs and grapes in Spring
    • strawberries and cherries in Summer.

When is the cheese cut and served to guests?

  • The cake can be prepared and left out before it is due to be served, allowing the cheese to come to room temperature.
  • Serve as a cheese course to the meal.  Accompaniments such as crackers, preserves and fruit can be put out on each table.
  • The cheese is a great option for evening buffet for guests.  Display the cheeses with crackers, preserves and fruit along with cheese knives and the guests can help themselves.
  • The cheese can also be used on Day 2.

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