Wedding / Celebration Cake Tasting Pack


Choose 6 Cheeses for your Wedding Cake Tasting Pack!

You will also receive crackers, relish and a premium cheeseboard with your order.

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Starter Pack Choices

Please choose 6 different cheeses

For your celebration, you want the Cake to be unique to you and the occasion.  Selecting the perfect cheese for your Celebration Cake may be a daunting task but the combination of our tasting packs and working with our cheese experts will help this process.  Our Taster Pack gives the opportunity to taste a range of cheeses and see how your selection will look together.

As the Cake should include a variety of cheese types (hard, soft, flavoured, washed rind, blue etc.) you may want to try two different soft cheeses or three different flavoured cheese before making your final decision.  You can select any six cheeses from this list but we suggest at least one from each category.

The Celebration Taster Pack contains six cheeses, which you select from the list, along with crackers and relish.  You will also receive a premium wooden cheeseboard with your order. Not all cheeses used on the Cakes are available for the taster packs. 

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